never miss a post

receive alerts for content you care about

What’s NoteMe?

Simple, topic-based alerts

alert subscribers to your new posts

Fully opt-in and on-chain

alerts only subscribed users, data on-chain

Engage different audiences

Target different users for each topic

Subscribe in seconds

simple subscribe page, two click opt-in

Self-managed interest groups

Topics managed by users, creator analytics

Cross-node compatibility

Alerts work across on all nodes

Setup a subscription

easy as 1-2-3

#1 Add topics - simple #HashTag for each topic

#2 Write post - announcing your subscription

#3 Submit it - post is the subscription record

Features, at a glance

  Alert opted-in subscribers, while keeping your posts concise.

  Increase engagement with different audiences for each topic

  No notification filtering for mass-tags and no penalty in content scoring algorithms

  Setup in less than a minute - one single post transaction!

  On-chain data, creator and subscribers each own their own records

  Manage settings at any time

  Notifications use existing mechanisms that work across all nodes

Further information

NoteMe allows creators to provide a subscription for their audience - who will receive a notification each time that you post new content in the topic(s) that they have subscribed to.

One submit post transaction is all it takes for you to configure a subscription or subscribe to one.

This post is the record for your subscription: either the subscription’s available topics, status and unique identifiers - or - the subscribers’ chosen topics.